Light and Sound


exeter cathedral luxmuralis space peter walker sculptor david harper _43

Space – Exeter Cathedral

luxmuralis peter walker sculptor david harper carlisle cathedral 3 da

Space – Carlisle Cathedral

sheffield cathedral luxmuralis space peter walker sculptor david harper _7

The Observatory – Sheffield Cathedral



Star of Wonder – Guildford Cathedral

luxmuralis notre dame peter walker sculptor david harper _20

Notre Dame Stained Glass Window – Lichfield Cathedral

david harper peter walker sculptor space st albans cathedral _20 2

Space Voyage – St Albans Cathedral

david harper peter walker sculptor luxmuralis university church oxford_3

Creation and the Big Bang – University Church Oxford

david harper peter walker sculptor space luxmuralis st andrews_5

Voices at the End of the Universe – St Andrews / Scotland – Voices Festival 2019

david harper peter walker sculptor space lichfield cathedral luxmuralis _2

Space, God the Universe and Everything, Lichfield Cathedral – The Great Exhibition 2019

poppy fields luxmuralis st albans cathedral 11

Poppy Fields – St Albans Cathedral

imagine peace st marys oxford luxmuralis

Imagine Peace – St Mary’s Oxford

poppy field guildford cathedral luxmuralis 1skpoppy field guildford cathedral luxmuralis 1s

Poppy Fields : Guildford

The Great Exhibition: Imagine Peace.  An immersive sound and light experience at Lichfield Cathedral. A reflective installation from the Cathedral’s Artist-in-residence Peter Walker, alongside the creative team at Luxmuralis, both inside and outside the Cathedral, taking visitors through a series of artworks.  Nature regrows over the architecture, flower power returns from the 1960s, a projection of 16 million falling leaves references the centenary of the end of WWI. Floral projections - dreaming of peace.

Imagine Peace : The Great Exhibition 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 17.46.15

Tolkien, Maker of Middle Earth

luxmuralis earth

Earth, What a Wonderful World? – The Great exhibition 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 14.28.04

Different Trains – collaboration with The McFall Chamber Orchestra of Steve Reichs Seminal Work

13937786_1423631194319925_63645206667562266_o   before action lichfield cathedral peter walker sculptor luxmuralis

Before Action – preview of Eddie Redmayne reading, Hodgsons poem for unique installation at Lichfield Cathedral

Before Action Preview and Eddie Redmayne Recordings

photo 4  photo 3  photo 5

Vinovisione‘ – The show in the ex Convento delle Clarisse, open especially for Calici di Stelle: ”Vinovisione” is a show of light, image and sound on the theme of wine and its fascinating rituals. Performed as part of Calici di Stelle 2015

luxmuralis reading girl lichfield

The Reading Girl  – The Reading Girl is an exercise in projection mapping sculptural objects. The 4 hour live mapping installation and sound work was conducted in front of a moving audience – developing live content and synchronising audio and visual imagery.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 18.25.17

Lichfield Cathedral Choir  – Projection and Sound installation in Lichfield Cathedral Choir

luxmuralis st annes 2

Wakes / St Annes – Installation of 4 projection artworks alongside presentation of Burntwood Wakes 150 Film

luxmuralis burntwood projection 123  luxmuralis burntwood 23

Wakes Installation 3  – Burntwood Wakes / 150 Anniversary film presentation installation 3 at Burntwood Leisure Centre

luxmuralis cathedral door 2

Cathedral West Door -Lichfield Cathedral West door Projection for the Lichfield City of Sculpture Launch event April 2015.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 18.25.38

A Grand Illumination – Victorian Bandstand in the Quarry Park was magically turned into Giant Magic Lantern and Interactive Musical Box.