Sarum Lights III: Renaissance – Salisbury Cathedral

Sarum Lights: Renaissance – Salisbury Cathedral – 8th – 12th November 2022

A journey through the renaissance world through the eyes of the artists and creatives at that time, brought to life in a spectacular fully curated son-et-lumiere experience.

The Renaissance was a time of major transformation in the world, through cultural, artistic, political and economic growth from the 14th to the 17th century.  Some of the greatest thinkers emerged through this period which changed the world.  

In this light and sound show entitled ‘Renaissance’ Luxmuralis invites the viewer to become immersed amongst the greatest paintings and artworks of the time, to explore through light art and bespoke compositions the wonder and awe that revolutionised Europe that bridged the gap from the dark ages to modern day civilisation.

Sound and light art is projected onto architectural features transforming and enveloping the space.  Visitors will walk through and view individual light and sound art installations digitally and artistically created by artistic collaboration ‘Luxmuralis’ which highlight the architectural features of the space.  Viewers are immersed in the soundscapes they hear and walk through the projections that are all around them on an explorative journey through the artworks.  

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What people said:

“We looked at the renaissance world through the eyes of the artists at that time, brought to life in a spectacular son-et-lumiere event set to magical music. An amazing, beautiful & moving evening!”

“The most amazing light and sound show”

“Spectacular Sarum Lights, ‘Renaissance’! Immersive, emotional, mesmerising”

In the press:

Photos show impressive light show Sarum Lights at Salisbury Cathedral

Immersive light show Sarum Lights returns to Salisbury Cathedral

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