Life – Durham Cathedral

Life – Durham Cathedral – 12th – 16th October 2022

An immersive journey through earth, sea and sky inside Durham Cathedral.

Dazzling projections on the cathedral’s centuries-old architecture brought the natural world to life and gave us time to reflect on our responsibility to protect it.

The experience lasted 45 minutes, with visitors entering the cathedral in darkness through the main doors, catching a glimpse of vibrant projections illuminating the main aisle of the cathedral. As they moved through different parts of the cathedral, visitors were able to enjoy a journey from sunrise to sunset and encounter projections on individual themes, accompanied by an immersive soundscape.

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What people said:

“Not often i’m this blown away. Very impressive”

“Last night Durham Cathedral was transformed for Luxmuralis and it was truly stunning”

“In one word… WOW!!!”

In the press:

Durham Cathedral Luxmuralis light show to return after attracting 12,000 visitors in a week

Luxmuralis at Durham Cathedral is a glowing success

Durham Cathedral interior illuminated in stunning colours

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