‘Science’ – Winchester Cathedral

‘Science’ – Winchester Cathedral – March 7th – 12th 2020

This creation saw the audience walk through the history of science, all whilst taking in the stunning interior of Winchester Cathedral. This light and sound spectacular bathed the Cathedral in light and beautiful original compositions. 

The display saw the almost 1000-year-old building become the canvas for an exploration of the way in which scientists have shaped the past and will influence the future. The multi-sensory experience transports visitors through elements, molecules, DNA, and the greatest discoveries of humanity, as we contemplate the wonders that make up the world around us.

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What people said:

“If you’re anywhere near #winchester, get down to @WinCathedral for this gobsmacking show. Light and sound celebrating the story of science.”

“Magical evening at Winchester Cathedral @luxmuralis. Where science met religion.”

“There are lights everywhere and the grand finale is the main nave which I could have stood and watched and listened to for hours”

“It was absolutely incredible! The lights were amazing, and we even got to learn abit about Women in Science.”

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