The Second Day

The Second Day – Lichfield Cathedral – 2016

The Second Day was commissioned by Lichfield Festival and was created to pay tribute to the Fallen of the Battle of the Somme 1916.

Performed 100 years to the day that the newspapers reported on the battle back in the UK.

It was watched by in excess of 4000 people.

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What people said:

“Thats Amazing” – Staffs Regimental Museum

“Really Amazing Thank you” – F Dale

”Stunning” – A Alan

“We sat and watch it twice so beautiful” – W Cubilow

“Lichfield Came together last night to remember the Somme amazing light show thank you” – D Speak

”Incredible” – L Soden

“Excellent light show fitting tribute the the fallen of the Somme” – D Gibbons

“Very impressive, beautifully created look forward to future events” – S Deakin

“Done Properly well done Lichfield” – Cannock Chase Military History

“Very tasteful done” – S Spackman

“A wonderful light and music show thank you all” – P Ingram

“A wonderful Tribute” Ex Soldier on the evening – “Its the best thing I’ve ever seen, I served in Iraq and you just paid the best tribute you could to these chaps” – Workspace

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